We are now offering Commercial management services. We want to equip  you with everything required to successfully manage Construction and Engineering Projects

Programme Managment

A key part of our service is live stable programming. Our team will work with you to develop a programme that suits you. 

Dispute Advice

With a wide range of experience in the Team. We will be able to help you finding the quickest and most effect way of deal with a potential dispute

Contract Advice

We understand that achieving contractual obligations are critical. Therefore, we will provide an update regarding any contractual issues.

Monthly Meeting

As part of our Premium Service we offer a monthly site visit or video call to give you the opportunity to ask any questions. This forum can also be used for the AA team to present and discuss and issues with you and your team.

Interim Valuation

AA can assist in the preparation or verification of interim applications and also provide comments on Cost versus Value reconciliation.

Cost & Change Management

AA are aware that change happens and can assist you and your site team to ensure that changes are dealt with properly and in accordance with your contractual obligations. In addition, AA can assist with Value Engineering processes.

Our pricing list

Please contact us to see how we can support you and your business


£ 550 £ 400

per month*

  • Programme Setup
  • Programme Management
  • Contract Advice
  • Dispute Advice


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  • Programme Setup
  • Programme Management
  • Contract Advice (Level 2)
  • Dispute Management
  • Monthly Site or Video Meeting
  • Cost & Change Management
  • Interim Valuation